The days are getting longer again, the temperatures are rising and nature is slowly waking up from hibernation. If you want to get fit for spring and summer, now is the time to get going - and fight against spring fatigue. We'll tell you which sports will get you going this spring and summer.


Stand-Up Paddling and SUP Yoga

This coming spring and summer, SUP is once again in vogue. On lakes or rivers, it is a dreamy feeling to feel the board glide lightly and almost weightlessly across the water and enjoy the nature. At the same time it is a workout for the whole body. Your deeper muscles are strengthened very effectively by having to constantly balance out the board and the paddle movements work your shoulders, upper arms and torso. All you need for SUP is a board (win your own SUP board here).

If you're looking for more of an athletic challenge on the board and have some previous yoga experience, SUP yoga is for you. It involves performing yoga exercises on a stand-up paddle board. The instability of the board on the surface of the water helps you to maintain a correct posture while performing the figures and to a more intense load of the muscles.


Inline skating

For a long time only children were seen on inline skates or roller skates, but slowly this sport is coming back into fashion among young people & adults. And rightly so! On two wheels you can enjoy the nature and the fresh air while inline skating and have a great endurance training with a high calorie consumption (about 500kcal / hour depending on your speed). In addition, inline skating does not require much equipment or effort and is therefore less time-consuming and costly compared to other sports.

The only drawback: the surface and the weather must be right, otherwise it's no fun. Choose paved paths and streets for your tours and avoid riding in the rain. 


Outdoor strength training

When it's nice outside, you may not be as drawn to the gym as you are when the temperatures are cold. Why not do your strength training in the open air? All you need is your own body weight and maybe a park bench, climbing frame, or similar. The following exercises are great to do outdoors with little or no equipment at all.

  • Push-ups: On the knees or on the feet, there are many variations of the traditional push-ups. 
  • Planks: The plank position on the hands or forearms is a very effective exercise for the whole body.
  • Lunges: Try forward or backward lunges. You can also do elevated lunges with your back foot on a park bench. 
  • Dips: to strengthen your triceps and shoulder area, you can easily perform dips on a park bench or other elevated object.

Short, intense sessions of sprints, jumps, burpees, etc. are also great for adding a HIIT component to your workout (more info on interval training here).

SPORTSPARADISE TIP: Working out with others is especially fun. So grab a training partner and get outside!


Nordic Walking

Because jogging is so popular, people sometimes forget how great Nordic walking can be as an alternative. The sport is easier on the joints than running and is the perfect introduction, especially for inexperienced exercisers or beginners. The outdoor experience of Nordic Walking is also unbeatable: You are walking fast and still have time to enjoy the surroundings and nature at the slightly slower pace. With a calorie output of 550kcal/h, it is also very effective as endurance training and for burning fat.


Beach Volleyball 

The next time you make plans with your friends, why not go play beach volleyball? It's social, a lot of fun and at the same time a full-body workout. After an hour of "beaching" you will realize that you are exhausted and happy from your workout. Don't have a volleyball yet? Win one of 20 beach volleyballs here.