The pace of life in the city is different from that in the countryside and the great outdoors. You know it, the "city stress": There is a lot going on, the noise level is high and the streets are full of traffic. Nevertheless, the bike is also a very popular means of transportation in cities, for example to cover the daily commute to work or for tourists who are visiting a city and want to explore it. And with good reason: cycling is uncomplicated, fast and affordable. In addition, the exercise and fresh air are good for the body and fitness. From an environmental perspective, cycling is also unbeatable. 

However, cycling in the city is very different from touring in nature and on bike trails. To make your urban bike rides a complete success, there are a few tools that will make your life easier. At the end of the article you have the chance to win them!


1. Bike Citizens App

The Bike Citizens App was created especially for cycling in the city. The idea was born from bicycle couriers who asked themselves how they can best navigate quickly & safely to their destination. The app is based on a map system that is completely designed for cyclists. You can enter your destination and choose between 3 ride types: leisurely, normal or fast. Accordingly, you will be shown the perfect route for you and your bike to get you to your destination. You also have challenges and campaigns where you can earn points for cycling kilometers and redeem them for rewards. Or - if your employer joins the program - for days off.

If you're visiting a new city and want to explore by bike, the Bike Citizens app shows you points of interest and guides you safely to where you want to go in any city.


2. Finn - Smartphone Mount for any Bike

"Finn" is the perfect complement to the Bike Citizens app.  The bike mount for your smartphone is made of high-quality silicone and is produced in Austria. You can use your Finn universally - for any smartphone and especially on any bike. It is lightweight and you can take it with you wherever you go and attach it easily and quickly to any bike. We guarantee you: Your Finn will hold tight! Win a Finn + 3 months premium account of the Bike Citizens app at the end of the post.

3. A Great Lock

If you own your own bike and ride it around town, you can't do without a good bike lock. Otherwise, your beloved bike will be gone very quickly. So invest a little more in a lock and play it safe.


4. Visibility on the Road

This point is especially important in winter or in the dark. Make yourself and your bike visible! A darkly dressed person is seen in the dark only at a distance of 25 meters. In rain even less. Especially in turbulent traffic, it helps if you are dressed colorfully and wear reflective elements on your body, e.g. reflective jackets, wristbands, caps, etc. 

There are also very simple systems for the bike, for example these cool spoke reflectors from Bike Citizens, which are simply inserted between the spokes and make you easily visible in the dark.


Win your own Sportsparadise Finn

With Sportsparadise you have the chance to win a Finn + 3 months Pro membership of the Bike Citizens App. Register here for free as a Sportsparadise member and be automatically entered into the draw!