The trees are slowly turning red-gold and the days are getting shorter - it's autumn! No reason to leave your beloved bike in the basement. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for biking, and as long as you avoid the following 4 mistakes, your autumnal bike tour will be a complete success. 


Leaving too early (or being out too late)

In summer, the early hours of the day are wonderful: the morning air is cool and fresh, and you can enjoy the first hours before it gets really hot. This is no longer true in autumn - rather the opposite. At night and early in the morning (as well as in the evening) the temperatures drop abruptly to almost winter temperatures. Only around ten in the morning it slowly gets warmer due to the sun. And as soon as the sun is gone in the afternoon, it immediately gets cold. Then nothing like home under the warm shower. 


Not keeping a good enough eye on the trail

Various factors can make for unsafe and slippery trails in autumn. The beautiful foliage that covers the ground can be treacherous, hiding roots and stones. If it is additionally wet, it becomes very slippery. Also be careful on muddy trails as the front wheel can sink in quickly. Avoid hard braking in difficult places and generally prefer to brake gently early, otherwise you end up in the mud!

The wrong equipment 

One thing helps against the cold and wet: the right equipment. The following things should not be missing:

  • Helmet cap: Against the cold wind on your head, which is so pleasantly cool in the summer, only one thing helps in autumn: a thin cap made of microfiber, which you can put on under your helmet. 
  • A good light: A reliable, bright lamp either for your bike or for the helmet. With it you illuminate trails and paths and can pursue your passion even in the dark. Newer models on the helmet offer decent performance in terms of light and battery. For your bike, a light with hub dynamo makes the most sense, then you are secured. 
  • Reflectors: In addition to the mandatory reflectors for your bike, you can also attach them to your clothing or buy clothing with integrated reflectors. 


Wrong clothing

In addition to the right equipment, clothing is also one of the most important aspects for a great biking experience in autumn. The most beautiful ride becomes a horror ride if you are cold. That's why: You should have sleeves and leg warmers in your luggage. It's also a good idea to dress in layers, so that you can take off one piece of clothing when it gets warm, and put it back on again.

On longer tours, where you sweat a lot, it is also advisable to have a change of clothes in your backpack. The wet things that provide pleasant cooling in summer are dangerous in autumn and do not dry properly. Gloves are also really a must in autumn! So: better to take too much than underestimate the cold and freeze.