If that's not good news! An event full of surprises, emotions and a lot of fun is waiting for you this year. We will celebrate the 40th anniversary! The event will take place on Sunday 30 October 2022. We will constantly post the latest information on our website. Follow us also on Facebook and Instagram. So you are always up to date.

We are already looking forward to your participation!


Classic run

The Classic Run with 15km is a mountain run with about 570 meters of altitude. After the start in Wabern, the course leads quickly up to the mirror on the agriculturally used Blinzern plateau to enter the natural landscape of the Gurten and Ulmizberg after the last residential buildings.

After the Gurten has been overcome halfway up, the route descends into the remote Gurtentäli, crosses over to the Ulmizberg and finally returns to the Täli via the beautiful Schliernberg. The following sportive challenge on the crispy final climb towards Gurten is rewarded with a great alpine panorama and applauding spectators on the last 2Km.

Short run 

The short run with 9km is a mountain run with about 400 meters altitude difference. After the start in Wabern, the course leads quickly up to the Spiegel on the agricultural Blinzern plateau to enter the natural landscape of the Gurten after the last residential houses.

After a short climb up to the Jennershaus, the route descends via meadows and nature trails into the idyllic Gurtentäli and then a long but moderate climb up the Gurten with varied sections and applauding spectators at the Gurten Ost Signal.

Racing bike tour 

As in 2019, the start will be in Wabern at the Morillon schoolhouse. After about 1km follows a short but fierce uphill ramp into the mirror. Insgesatm 40km and a lot of ascents and descents brings the beautiful route, to finally make the hard and last climb with 250Hm on the Gurten to the finish!

Mountain Walking 

The route Bergwalking with 10km and about 400 meters altitude difference leads shortly after the start in Wabern quickly up to the mirror on the agriculturally used Blinzernplateau, to dive after the last residential buildings into the natural landscape around the Gurten.

After gentle climbs and views of the Jura, the city of Bern, the Emmental, the Bernese Oberland and the Fribourg Alps, the walkers reach the finish on the Gurten after this circular panorama.


Kids run 

Early practice makes perfect... and that's why we are especially proud of the children's races. Real race feeling, closed challenging course, finish arch, timing incl. ranking - everything like for the adults, only free of charge. The course starts on the Gurtenwiese at the big Migros gate arch. Then it leads you up and down narrow paths to the east signal - there you have to fight your way up a few meters before it goes down the asphalted road to the finish. Depending on your age you complete 1 to 3 laps and cover between 900m and 2.7km. 

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Until when can I register?
You can also register again on site in 2022. The official registration deadline is 20 Oct 2022.


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